Friday, August 22, 2014

Find Vicinal words in python

Recently I came to know about the vicinal words. As python is good for string processing. So thoought  of writing code for finding vicinal words in python. Below is the code to find vicinal words in python.

Vicinal: Vicinals are words where every letter in the word has an alphabetic neighbour. That means, if the word contains a 'C', it also contains either 'B' or 'D'. Check here for more details.

import string

def find_vicinals(input_words):
    vicinal = []
    non_vicinal = []
    #take words one by one
    for word in input_words:
        count = 0
        #logic to compare each char with all for their neighbours
        if len(word) > 1:
            for c1 in word.lower():
                for c2 in word.lower():
                    if c2 == 'a' and ord(c1)+1 == ord(c2) or ord(c2) == ord('z'):
                        count += 1
                    elif c2 == 'z' and ord(c2) == ord('a') or ord(c2)-1 == ord(c2):
                        count += 1
                    elif ord(c1)+1 == ord(c2) or ord(c1)-1 == ord(c2):
                        count += 1
            #if match count n word len are same
            #then its vicinal
            if count == len(word):
            elif not count:
    #print if list not empty
    if vicinal.__len__():
        print "Vicinals: ", ' '.join(vicinal)
    if non_vicinal.__len__():
        print "Non-vicinals: ", ' '.join(non_vicinal)

#read the line
s = raw_input("Line: ")
# check length n proceed if not zero
while len(s):
    input_words = s.split(' ')
    input_words = ' '.join(s.split())
    for c in string.punctuation:
        input_words= input_words.replace(c,"")
    find_vicinals(input_words.split(' '))
    # read line again
    s = raw_input("Line: ")

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