Monday, September 12, 2016

What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

                         Now a days Broadband Internet or WiFi is available almost everywhere. So connecting our smart phone to internet is becomes easy due to availability of internet. We can find at least three devices like laptop, smart phone, tab in home and which are connected to WiFi. How about connecting Fridge or washing machine to WiFi? Idea of inter connecting all these devices is Internet of Things or shortly IoT.

                          IoT in simple way is connecting  internet enabled devices such as smart phone, fridge, washing machine or car etc.. Its a relation between people - people, things-things and people - things. These days each person on average using two internet enabled devices like smartphone or smartwatch or laptop. I see in future it will increase to five or six. In future every person on average is going to use five or six devices which can be connected to WiFi. So using IoT, we can connect Smart phone, Laptop, tab, washing machine, fridge etc ..

                              There is a little concern about security and privacy about our personal information as these interconnected devices will share lot of our personal Data. But still IoT is in beginning stage,  there wont be any problem if IoT uses good security methodologies to protect personal data.

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