Thursday, April 30, 2020

Most frequently used methods of Pandas data frame in Python!!!

Recently I worked on a machine learning project Face Recognition. Basically this project will take one image as input and return list of images which contains similar faces from input image. For this I used python framework pandas DataFrame for preprocessing images to identify good face in the image. Below are some of the data frame operations I used.

1. Create a empty DataFrame
2. Create a DataFrame from a list
3. Length of the DataFrame
4. Sorting data frame basing on specific column
5. Extract a value from DataFrame
6. Iterate through DataFrame
7. Filter/Retrieve DataFrame basing on column value
8. Extract some columns from DataFrame
9. Reading a column values (Unique) as list from DataFrame
10. Unique count from a column in DataFrame
11. Adding index column to the DataFrame
12. Delete a column from DataFrame
13. Remove duplicates from DataFrame
14. Save DataFrame as a csv file
15. Read csv file as DataFrame
16. Merge two DataFrames
17. Updating Dataframe column
18. Splitting DataFrame column

Check GitHub link for Jupyter notebook  code for above operations.

Happy Coding!!
Happy Learning!!

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