Tuesday, March 12, 2019

GREP unix command useful tips!!!

Recently I learned  useful tips from my manager for 'grep' which helps a lot when troubleshooting the  issues with logs. In this post I will explain about below

  • How to search multiple strings in a file at the same time.
  • How to display found string in the color.
  • How to exclude particular string in the search result
  • How to display total no.of lines in the grep result

Search a string in a file using grep: Check this link for basic usage  of grep command.  
Lets see this tip with example. Below is the content of a file demo.txt and this file name we are going to use in this example as well.

How to search multiple strings in a file:
In the below screen we are search for the strings 'demo', 'show' and 'multiple' in the file demo.txt and and the result is as follows.

How to display found string in color:
In the above screen, even though grep found the patterns, it is difficult to identify in which line these patterns available. For that you can use grep command property 'color' as shown below.

From the above screen, we can easily identify the found strings as they are highlighted in red color. This color utility will save lot of time when you are searching in debug logs while troubleshooting.

How to exclude particular string in the search result: GREP command will supports option to exclude particular pattern from the result. This is basically not including a string in the result.

In the above screen, initially search for the strings 'demo' and 'show' and in the results I want to exclude the string 'multiple'.

How to display total no.of lines in the grep result: We can use -c option to get the total number of lines of the grep result. If the pattern is unique in each line, that count will be total no.of occurrences of the pattern.

In the above screen, searching for the patterns 'demo' and 'show' results two lines and using -c option will show the total count to two. If the grep results are more, this count option will be very useful.

Happy Learning!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Uploading a file using Multer!!

Recently I got a  requirement of uploading a file. We are using NodeJS server, so I explored on NPM and found out very simple library called Multer. It is very simple to use, so sharing here.
                   For uploading a file, we need to know the location where we are going to store the file. For that we need to specify the location for the Multer as shown below. One parameter is destination in the line 20 where we need to specify the location in this case uploads folder in the current directory. Another parameter is filename un the line 23 with which we are going to store in the location. If filename not specified, random number will be given to that file name. 
                   After specifying destination and filename parameters, need to map these Multer storage fields to Multer as shown below in the line 29.

Now let's see how to upload file. While using uploading POST request, need to match the query which is coming in the request parameters as shown below in line 48. In this api , I am using 'file', so query parameter should be 'file', you can use any name, but i used file here. In the line 48, we are using upload.single('file'), upload is actually Multer configured storage in the above image line 29. If file uploading is successful, we will get file name in the call back as shown in the line 49. If file upload fails, this filename will be undefined.

If you want to validate the request before start uploading, just add the method in the POST request as shown below in the line 48. In this case I used a method name as validate, you can use whatever function name you want or even you can skip this validation if you don't want, in that case you just remove that validation method from the line 48.

Now let's see Downloading file. For downloading a file, there is no dependency with Multer, but as we are discussing about uploading a file, lets see downloading file as well.

For the complete code. Refer my github link here.

Happy Learning!!

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