Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Error #2044: Unhandled NetStatusEvent

Recently we worked on the simple application called face detection using actionscript. While doing this application, we faced some common problems, we are sharing here.

Scenario: When the application did not find any face in front of camera, it needs start playing some flv file. For this we created the flv player and added the flv file to the player. Below is the code for that.
nc=new NetConnection();
ns = new NetStream(nc);
vid = new Video(320,240);
client = new Object();
ns.client = client;
client.onMetaData = nsMetaDataCallback;

vid.attachNetStream( ns );                       
//This file we are going to play in the player "trailer.flv" );

When we try to compile the code, we got the below error.

Error #2044: Unhandled NetStatusEvent:. level=error, code=NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound

The reason for the above problem is, file path is not proper. Check for the file name or path for the given flv file. we have given tralier.flv instead of trailer.flv

Possible error codes are :
  • NetStream.Buffer.Empty
  • NetStream.Buffer.Full
  • NetStream.Buffer.Flush
  • NetStream.Play.Start
  • NetStream.Play.Stop
  • NetStream.Seek.InvalidTime
  • NetStream.Seek.Notify      


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