Wednesday, October 15, 2014

tree load error - jasperserver

When you are working with Jasper reporting server, you often face tree load error for the jasper server. I faced this error lot of times and I could not find the root cause for this. But we can fix this problem by clearing the cookies in the browser. 
Below are the steps to clear the cookies for the jasper server in the firefox browser.

  • Go to setttings/Preferences in the firefox browser
  • Go to Privacy tab
  • Click on 'remove individual cookies'
  • Search for localhost or jasper server ip address. See sample image below (for me its local host)
  • Click on 'Remove cookie' button (remove until all localhost cookies are removed)

I have specified for FireFox browser, if you are using other browsers like Chrome, IE you need to follow similar process to clear the individual cookies.

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